A Sense of Structure

Religious Community Projects


There appear to be no religious institutions for people of just one age, so most congregations tend to have members ranging from the very young to the extremely mature. Finding activities for all of them is part of what most institutions specialize in, and even the oldest members can contribute. Some congregations have found it gives the elderly a place to go at least one or two days per week if they schedule activities for them, and they can also help them pass down their knowledge and wisdom to the younger members.

Working on community projects is one of the fun activities many institutions have had for a long time that is attending by members of all ages, and they often find it is a time for teaching. Creating quilts, afghans, and clothing items has become a joint venture by many congregation members. The younger members are encouraged to participate, but they might not have the necessary skills. The older attendees are often willing to teach them, and they are very patient with their students.

Creating items for those in need is the overall goal of these activities, but getting people of different ages together is also an aim of these types of programs. Learning new skills is not restricted solely to the young, and even older members might find they are learning new things when they attend. Having fun while doing it is a bonus, but it also draws members closer together.

Community projects have become a staple of many religious organizations, and they have several reasons for ensuring they continue. Many of them are designed to help members of the local community who are in need, but the institutions have found their own congregations benefit. They get together as a group to do the work, but the fun they have while doing it makes the community a more desirable place to worship.